October 15, 2006 2

Full House Seafood Restaurant (Arcadia)

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Family dinner at an old neighborhood Cantonese seafood restaurant for over 10 years nearby my parent’s house, while they were pretty good before, their menu has changed and quality have improved greatly recently (new chef perhaps?).
Super delicious Clam, steamed with a very fresh flavored broth. The ultimate Cantonese delicacy: Sharks Fin Soup, $10 each, rich flavored, very good bargain.
Left: Scallop and Mushroom with Pumpkin, simple yet so savory. Right: XO Sauce Oyster with Sticky Rice so delicious~ despite the XO sauce is strong taste and spicy, they never override the fresh taste of the oyster itself. The sticky rice is a surprisingly nice touch to the texture.
DSC01738.jpgTofu with Chinese Sausage. The tofu is a special (and expensive) kind that I don’t know the English name. Even though it is the only non-seafood dish, it’s actually the hightlight. The texture is so unique…very delicate yet firm and chewy at the same time. Addictive!

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2 Responses to “Full House Seafood Restaurant (Arcadia)”

  1. seat says:

    So classy~~!!
    The shark fin soup is very good value indeed. Don’t think even restaurants in HK is that cheap.
    The oyster with sticky rice is so creative, wanna try that.
    Usually restaurants get worse but this place actually gets better, amazing!

  2. Freda says:

    The turnover rate is so high here in the Chinese restaurant that usually when a new restaurant is good, there’s no guarantee that it’d be as good half a year later. Usually when a chinese restaurant has their entire menu revamped, must be under new management and new chef…pretty much a new restaurant. ^^;;