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Pizzeria Mozza (highland)

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DSCN9153.jpgSquash blossoms with burrata & tomato, if not the best, possibly the tastiest pizza I’ve ever had? The burrata is so fresh and melt in your mouth.

Funghi misti, Fontina, Taleggio & thyme, 2nd tastest pizza so far?

Prosciutto di Parma, Rucola & mozzarella and Fennel Sausage, panna & red onion. Their taste is up there too.

It’s clear how much I love these pizzas ^^;; Foodies in LA been hyped about this pizza place for awhile and it finally opened on Tuesday (11/17)! From Famous celebrity chef Mario Batali (owner of NY’s Babbo, i.e. the Italian chef on Iron Chef USA) and Nancy Silverton (owner/pastry chef of Campanile and owner/baker of La Brea Bakery), a likely equation to offer the best pizza in LA? Since it’s brand new opening, the place is crowded and table reservation for dinner time is tough. I called on Wednesday to try to get a table for 9 people on a Thursdays night and the only opening is 11:30 pm and apparently they don’t take reservation for more than 6 people. We went for lunch instead at around 2:00 pm and it’s about 90% full, not crazily crowded.

I love the crust very much, it’s crispy and soft and rich. Of the 4 pizzas we got I love the burrata one the most as I mention up there. The mushroom and prosuitto ones are both fantastic too. I didn’t try the sausage one, the person who had it said it’s pretty good but not that great. He prefers Alessi‘s pizza. Mozza is located at where Alessi used to be at. It was a great Italian place too (read my old entry on it). I heard that the restaurant before Alessi was a really good Italian place as well. So it’s been quite a “cursed” location as these two restaurants were both good quality but couldn’t stay in business. Let’s hope Mozza would break the spell.

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8 Responses to “Pizzeria Mozza (highland)”

  1. tomoko says:

    wow the pizzas look huge & so good!!

  2. H.C. says:

    Mmm… tried to get in last week but all the good hours are booked, but glad to know I have something to look forward to (and great photos!). How big are the pizzas? From their comparison to sausage & cheese globs & onion slices they look personal sized… which I hope is the case since that means more that my companion & I can share!

  3. RP says:


    Can’t wait to go and try them~~~~~!!! Look so soft and cheesy and yummy X-D

  4. Freda says:

    I suspect you need one week prior reservation for this place for now…^^;;; Only Joan tried it, I can’t wait to try too~

    RP, I remember you mentioned you tried some place at Echo Park? Is it Elf Cafe? I heard that it’s very good, veggie (or microbiotics) restaurant, better than M Chaya blah blah…

  5. RP says:


    No haven’t tried Elf nor veggie restaurants in Echo park yet! There’s a ‘Vegan House’ on sunset that we always pass by but are hesitant to try because of its, er, “no-frill” outlook. Just found my new adventure ground around (ok 15 min driving but hey) office, Hillhurst Ave of Los Feliz. Saw quite a few interesting restaurants (with mixed reviews) that we want to try, a highly praised/at the same time highly bashed microbiotic restaurant San Sui included 😀

  6. Joan says:

    My vegetarian friend warned there’s a very bad vegan/vegetarian place on hillhurst (or Vermont?) in Los Feliz, not sure if it’s San sui, so watch out!!!

    For hillhurst, Farfalla (not sure if they open for lunch) is not bad, though there are better Itailan elsewehere. A friend recommend the Brazilian place Tropicalia but it seems quite vegetarian un-friendly. I usually go to Alcove Cafe when I’m at that neighbourhood. There’s also a pretty good Mexican place called Mexico city. Exlopre~~

  7. seat says:

    The pizzas are for one person or? There are counter seats…possible to go alone? (not that I can go…^^;;)

  8. RP says:

    Oh Sansui is not a veggie place (got sushi & other meat dishes), but yeah it’s got some really bad reviews so I’ll watch out 😀 I’ve read through you gals’ Los Feliz entries and would definitely try the ones you recommend!