December 12, 2006 4

Amelia’s Panini & Espresso (Main St.)

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My friend recommended this Panini place on Main, I always passed by it but thought it was part of the Motel next door (it’s not, but you can park there). This cafe is run by a team of husband and wife and I was told that they only make a certain amount of sandwiches, once they’re sold out it’s all gone.
Grilled Salami with roasted peppers
DSC02354.jpg Very good! 😀 The la brea bread is perfectly grilled. The layers of smooth, chewy and tasty good quality ham. Add on the the sweet juice of the roasted peppers, and the cheese. Too bad I ate way too slow, by the end the pesto sauce sogged the bread. They have two other kinds of sandwiches: roasted turkey and beef.

The coffee is very good too! They also sell cheese and yummy looking desserts and bakery. Finally, found a REAL good place on Main st.!

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4 Responses to “Amelia’s Panini & Espresso (Main St.)”

  1. seat says:

    Looks so fresh!
    How did you manage to eat so slow that the bread actually got soggy by the end? ^^;; Too much sauce?

  2. Freda says:

    I was reading newspaper while eating (bad habit ^^;;)

  3. journey says:

    I love Amelia’s so much. May I suggest the cold prosciutto as well as the grilled turkey sandwich next time? Also their teas are lovely.

    But the real hidden gem is the home-made soup! So wonderful.

  4. Freda says:

    Thanks Journey for the recommendation, I just went to try your suggestion today, it’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t decide which I like more, the proscuitto or the grilled salami… the ingredients they used are so fresh and good.