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Opus Restaurant (Wilshire)

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The update is a bit slow this past week because I had a computer crash scare. I finally got everything recovered and backup.

Remember the Baco night? We went back to try Opus Restaurant‘s very tempting $30 three course tasting menu. Just like as David said, we got extra courses that rounded up at 7 in total.
First came the same delicious Amuse Bouche I got last time, made with celery root puree, yam on top layer, cypress seed on top.

Then raw fish course: Yellowtail Tartar with Lobster Tempura, and the Egg course: Honey topped sour cream foam with Bacon pieces, bottom with gradual gradient from raw to cook yolk. This is really delightful to eat. I never knew how well honey goes with egg and bacon.

Soup course: Hazelnut Soup with Foie Gras and Scallop: easily the highlight of the entire course. The soup is foamy and fine, with lots of silky foie gras and scallop in every scoop. It’s an amazing balance of the hazelnut sweetness and savory *_*

Fish Course. But the real highlight is the underlayer of Crosne, a rare root that’s known as Chinese Artichoke (草石蚕) grew in Northern China, was introduced to France in 19th Century. Japan called it Chorogi They looked a bit like mini silkworm (^^;;), the Chinese name of the root literally means “Grass Pertified Silkworm”. But they got awesome nutty texture. Such a rare find. The chef told us he got it from a farm in Santa Barbara.

Protein course: Milk Fed Baby Chicken. Initially it was a bit of a ‘huh? chicken’ after all the wonderful surprises before, but these are special chicken indeed. The chef told us he acquired 20 of these from an organic farm in NY and they’re special of the night (all gone). They’re amazingly tender and got a very unique young flavor.

Dessert. No surprise but it’s a good ending note nonethless.

3 (+4!) delicious courses full of surprises for only $30 (sans wine pairing, which will be additional $25)!?? It is really too good to be true, but it IS for real. Good service, beautiful interior. Go experience it yourself. 😀

Opus Restaurant 213.738.1600
3760 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010

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4 Responses to “Opus Restaurant (Wilshire)”

  1. seat says:

    You mean you were not charged for the extra courses?!!! How could that be possible…amazing…^^;;; All that food is for one person, right? Big portion! Managed to finish?

    The crosne…may need some getting used to visually. ^^;; The hazelnut soup sounds good~.

  2. seat says:

    Those who can read chinese: F*ck to fry the cow river

  3. RP says:

    It really is quite a bargain, considering the quality of the dishes as you described and that the interior seemed upscale-ish!

  4. Freda says:

    Yes, all one person, I can’t believe this is really 3 course. What happen if you order their 6 or 9 courses? Would you get…10-12 courses then?

    The crosne…I tried hard not to visual how they look (nor my tongue to touch its shape ^^:;) and just chomp them with my teeth. The texture is addictive~ Do you know those $$$ Chinese herb “Winter Worm Grass”? I remember I used to be so scared of them whenever my mother cooked them in medicine soup.

    (haha that HK English menu is hilarious!!!)