March 4, 2007 1

L’Artisan Du Chocolat (3rd/Virgil)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

DSCN9666.jpgDSCN9667.jpgAlmost forgot to publish this blog entry. Jon gave me chocolate for Valentine (:D thanks~) from L’Artisan Du Chocolat which I blogged before. It has a great selections of their signature hand made chocolates: Rose, Promagrande, Maple syrup, thyme, tomato (more tomato flavor than last time), raspberry, matcha, chilli (it’s good!), jasmine tea, hazelnut and etc…, all inside a cute heart shape chocolate box, which made my heart swells when I first saw it. All chocolates (including the box) eaten within two days, hehe…

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One Response to “L’Artisan Du Chocolat (3rd/Virgil)”

  1. laura says:

    love chocolate so my eye went directly to your great photo. you’ve got a really nicely designed blog. – laura