March 7, 2007 4

Sanuki No Sato (Torrance)

By in 17: South Bay

Once again we came to this famous soba house at Torrance. We wanted to order the Sea Urchin Udon but they were out…
DSC03143.jpgSanshoku Wariko Soba – Trio of mini sobas consisted 1) salmon roe, 2) seasoned herring grated nagaimo yam (my fav), 3) nameko mushrooms. The bowls looked smaller than the photos suggested. Fresh clean taste, very good~

DSC03141.jpgCheese and Mochi Nabeyaki Udon, morzzarela cheese goes well with udon surprisingly! It’s chewy (with the mochi), gooey and smooth~ felt heavy too. This is so good for winter.

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4 Responses to “Sanuki No Sato (Torrance)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    were they for dinner or for lunch? they look great!

  2. seat says:

    Uni udon?? Cheese udon?? ^^;;;
    Sanuki is famous for its udon, which has a solid strong texture~

  3. RP says:

    Yum looking! Would love to try the cheese & mochi one~~

  4. BoLA says:

    I love this place. ^o^

    This is where I take my mom for her birthday dinner every year! (OK, more like she takes me but nonetheless, it’s one of my family’s favorites!!!) I always get the spinach salad and the shrimp tempura udon!! YUM!