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Philippe’s the Original (downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

A historic landmark in LA, deli Philippe’s has been serving the original “”French Dipped Sandwich” since it was established in 1908 (next year it’ll be 100 years!). Located at the edge of Chinatown, Philippe’s is a crowded spot, as you can see in the picture. It’s got a huge cafeteria-like space with long communal tables. The sawdust on the floor is totally old style.

I got the Beef french dip sandwich with a side of potato salad. The sauce is “dip” for you. The bread is just soggy enough without breaking apart. The meat is good, juicy and tender. There are excellent home made mustard (which also sold in jars) on the table and they complement very well with the sandwiches. I love the potato salad and cole slaw sides (not in pix) a lot too. The pork french dip sandwich Jon got is also good. We ended our meal with an apple pie, too bad it’s cold as it would have been tastier served warm.

The food are cheap, great value for the quality. The interior and vibe of the place make this a unique go-back-in-time experience as well. Can’t wait to go back to try their other stuffs.

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6 Responses to “Philippe’s the Original (downtown)”

  1. RP says:

    Philippe’s is a favorite lunch place for my co-workers (not for me, due to its lack of veggie stuffs :-P). Their pig feet is a popular dish, maybe you could try it out next time you go~

  2. seat says:

    They have pancake and French toast too. Go go try them~

    RP, happy belated birthday! We are all March so impossible to forget. ^^;;

  3. Joan says:

    Happy bday RP~

    Yeah funny that we all have March bdays!

  4. RP says:

    Thanks guys 😀
    Seat, happy belated birthday to you too!! Haha yeah it’s nice to have people age in the same month as you (the other 11 months don’t count).

  5. seat says:

    Happy birhday to Joan and Freda~~
    It is too bad that we can’t celebrate together~~

  6. Freda says:

    Thanks~ I was so busy for the past couple days rushing deadlines. It’s scary how time flies…that was the end of an decade for us.