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W Hotel Mexico City

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Last week my co-workers and I went to Mexico City for 5 days to do a car commercial shoot. I’m only responsible for 2 of the 5 spots that we’re doing, and it’s a wrap in one day. (Here are some pictures of the shoot). So for the next 3 days I can tour around this beautiful, cool and happening city. We stayed at the really cool W Hotel, located at Polanco, the upscale “Beverly Hill” of Mexico City that’s known for chichi hotels, restaurants, shopping and night life (see more here). The above picture shows the view from my hotel room.

I absolutely love the room. Love the red walls, lacquer white furniture, and it’s big! The bed and pillows are ingredibly comfortable. The shower is right next to the window ^^;; There’s no door around the shower, you just close the curtain between the shower room and the living room. There’s a hammock you can hang nearby the window, I lay on it one time and it’s quite comfy.

DSCN0142The lobby/lounge area gets really crowded at night. Lots of “bachelors in nice suit” types hang out there. The staff there are very friendly and helpful (and all can speak English). I get breakfast at the lobby bar when I had to wake up early and had little time to have proper sit-down breakfast. They have very good fresh pastries. I got too tired and lazy one night so I just order gucamole and chips to my room for dinner. It’s good and fresh!

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3 Responses to “W Hotel Mexico City”

  1. seat says:

    Wow nude pics~~!!
    The man-reading-a-book thing on the wall is nice and creepy~ Such nice room!

  2. RP says:

    The room looks both warm, bright and comfy! The naked pix, are they gonna be shown in the commercial just like that @_@??

  3. Joan says:

    Yeah those girls’ bodies were so nice (good fake boobs job). The footage will be integraded with cars and graphical elements…apparently the Latino market is much more “open” when comes to showing sexy images on TV.