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Casa Hevia (Mexico City: Polanco)

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After a long day of shoot we were exhausted so there’s little effort put into restaurants picking. We usually just end up dining walking distance near the W hotel. It’s a pity since there are lots of interesting and good restaurants elsewhere. On our first day of shoot we end up in this Spanish/Mexican place Casa Hevia. The interior is charming and the service is outstanding.

The Completo: Tequila shot + Sangrita became THE stable drink of our crew. Sangrita is a tomato-ey + salty + sour tasting drink you sip along with Tequila. Their taste balance each other and it enhance the flavor of Tequila. Supposedly it’s consist of tomato + orange + lime + chilis. I’m in search of a good recipe of sangrita so I can make it myself. I got a Sangaria and it’s easily the best Sangaria I’ve ever had, way better than any of the ones I had in LA. Fresh tasting, fruity and smooth.

Not sure what’s the brown color drink is. Love the stuffed pepper, it’s my favorite dish of the night.

Our server made fresh salsa right in front of us. It’s incredible fresh and really spicy. And yes we actually had an order of worms. ^^;; At first I refuse to eat it since I’m really afraid of worms, but I gave in to peer pressure and had a bite. It taste good actually, sort of like baked cheese or potato fries. There’re also Ant eggs (also known as the “mexican caviar”) and Grasshopper on the menu.

A baked cheese + sausage dish and Spanish tortilla.

Toritlla Soup and you can add the ingredients yourself accordingly. The top left bowl is fried pig skin, bottom left is dried tomatos. The soup is great!

DSCN9889.jpgA Flank steak and Mole dish that other people got. The server gave us free Kaluha and cameral candy at the end of the meal. It’s a satisfying meal overall. The server also pour very generous amount of tequila for us. We’re all full and drunk and more than ready to pass out on the bed in the end.

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2 Responses to “Casa Hevia (Mexico City: Polanco)”

  1. seat says:

    OMG YOU ATE THE WORMS?!!! ^^;;;;;;;;
    Does it have “juice” coming out from the body when you bit it? ^^;;;;;;;
    Seeing your pics I really crave cocktails now~~.

  2. Joan says:

    Oh no I make sure there’re no juice at all, otherwise I would NEVER try it, that’ll be so gross. The worm is baked to the point that it’s more like a potato or something ^^;; if you’re blindfolded and eat that, you’ll think you’re just having french fries.