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Le Pastaga (Mexico City: Polanco)

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Magret of duck in Red wine sauce. The meat is cook in medium rare perfectly. Sauce is really good, not too strong. Very satisfying. The glass of red wine I got was fantastic also.

My travel companion (from the production team) got the Fillet of Head of cattle with sauce of its Election (babel fish translation off what’s written in the menu). My co-workers were still shooting at the studio till 11:00 pm and couldn’t join us for dinner, so we set out to walk around the Polanco neighborhood and check out restaurants. After dining in a big group in big chichi restaurants for 2 nights I craved for a small intimate bistro type of place. We end up in this place that fit what I was looking for. La Pastaga is the type of small low-key french eatery that has a small but well selected menu. The owner is French, since the restaurant is off the tourist/hotel area so no one can speak English there. We used our limited Spanish to read the menu (ex: “Carne” is meat…”vino” is wine…) and order. The price is very reasonable, it’s half the price of what this would cost in LA!

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2 Responses to “Le Pastaga (Mexico City: Polanco)”

  1. seat says:

    The duck looks so good~! Is French food common there??

  2. Joan says:

    Yeah surprisingly there’re lots of French restaurants there. Many of them looks authentic and good too.