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Izote (Mexico City: Polanco)

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After the French food we met up with my late working colleagues for night snacks at Izote which offers creative contemporary take on Mexican cuisine by famous chef Patricia Quintana who’s known to be “the first lady of Mexican cuisine”. I’m not sure the names of most of the dishes as I wasn’t pay attention (Michelle took pictures for me ^^;;). The dish with the glass is Scallop Ceviche, the scallop is very fresh and sweet. Love the sauce.

Everything tasted really good. Even the dishes looks to be just traditional mexican flair like tamale and enchilada, but the flavors do surprise you pleasantly and make you feel like you never had ones that good before. It’s a pity we’re only here for a late night snack instead of a big meal (it was nearly midnight), though I didn’t have stomach for more food anyways.

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