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SK (Mexico City: San Angel)

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Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure of the name of this restaurant, I vaguely remember “sk” embroiled on the napkin but that could just be an initial. It’s located at Plaza San Jacinto at San Angel right where the Saturday craft market Bazzar Sabado took place.

Really good homemade yogurt + homemade granola + honey. It’s free and came before our meal. This is so good that I couldn’t stop eating.

My travel companion Caroline got this, one of the brunch special tacos. I had a bite and it’s great. Fresh ingredients and they did a good job on the grilled meat.

DSCN0034.jpg I wish I know the name of this breakfast baked dish. There’s sunny side up egg and spinach hidden under the sauce (red pepper cream sauce?) and brie. Really really good. To make it even better, it came with fresh baked bread rolls, fruit plate (papaya, mango, guava!), fresh fruit juice AND cappacino. Again this cost less than half the price of what it would be in LA, what a value especially with all that stuffs that came with it.

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One Response to “SK (Mexico City: San Angel)”

  1. Freda says:

    Red bell pepper sauce + brie…looks so good! Next time snap a photo of the restauarant name then you won’t have to memorize those long foreign names..^^;;