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Cantina La Guadalupana and food court (Mexico City: Coyoacan)

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We were still full from the brunch but we had to go check out Cantina La Guadalupana. Established since 1932, it’s known to be a frequent hang out of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Love the authentic traditional cantina interior (the bar! the stairs to the bathroom! the stain glass on the bathroom doors!), crowded with chatty locals eating unpretentious big plates of meat and drinking lots of booze…overall it’s got a really great vibe. I ordered Vampiro, a Mexican mixed drink that taste like Tequila + Sangrita mixed together (or, taste like a Bloody Mary with tequila instead of Vodka).

DSCN0126Before heading back we’re still not so hungry so we just grabbed a snack. Around the corner of the cantina there’s a crowded food court. We elbow our way in and just randomly decide on one of them. It took us awhile to figure out how to order (you just basically try to get their attention, scream out your order, give them money). I got Tostada which cost like $1 or $2. The deep fried tortilla is very cripsy, the meat is good and flavorful, ingredients are fresh and I didn’t get sick afterward!

DSCN0130Michelle warned me not to try street food as there’s a high risk to get sick from food poisoning. I heard many horror story from friends too. I was tempted to try these flan but talked myself out of it.

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4 Responses to “Cantina La Guadalupana and food court (Mexico City: Coyoacan)”

  1. Christine T. says:

    Freda and Joan – stumbled upon your blog and i must say – “Hissashiburi!!” i think i haven’t seen the two of you for ~6 years now…

    The blog is beautiful, and your work is amazing. As always.



  2. Doug says:

    Its been almost six years since I traveled there…I still recall my food poisoning episode from eating street food.

    It was some type of mushroom empanada – I’ve never been so sick in my life…this after traveling around the country for nearly 3 weeks w/o incident.

  3. Joan says:

    Oh hey Christine! It’s been a long time. How did you found my blog? Haven’t seen you for a long time, I’ll sent you an email.

  4. Joan says:

    ahh Doug that’s unfortunate. I hope the empanada was at least delicious? 🙂