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Doughboys (Highland Ave.)

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The original Doughboys Bakery on 3rd (WeHo) is always packed with long lines. The newly opened branch in Hollywood is close to our work place so it has soon became our frequent lunch spot (and take out, how wonderful!). The menu is all comfort food. Big, heavy and hearty. But most of all the food are relatively cheap and the service is friendly. This entry includes few visits.

Huge bowl of thick and gooey French onion soup, quite scary actually (feel the gooey cheese tangled in my stomach).
The bread is what won me over, they’re always freshly baked and non oily, and got a lightly sweet, clean after taste. The sandwich list is dazzling. Prosciutto ham with Camembert cheese, fresh melon and arugala (the sweet melon compliment the prosiutto so well). Artichoke Sandwich (artichoke’s greeny taste and sourness is a bit too dominating, otherwise it’s like eating a plate of grilled veggie — not a fan).

My friend ordered the Warm portabello mushroom Potatoes salad. (sans pancetta), the potatoes are too soggy. I got curious and ordered the PBC&B: a French toast but with peanut butter + bitter chocolate and banana. It’s insanely heavy…but surprisingly not sweet.

Their sandwiches are so huge that I can always only manage to eat half, and bringing home the other half for dinner. Though frankly speaking nothing I had here so far is really all that fantastic tasting (not bad though). It’s more about the bread, price and portion. But I think their menu in general (esp. breakfast) seems trying a bit too hard to be ‘eccentric’ (the PBC&B are under ‘breakfast’), you can say it does reflects a certain character. Not as ‘easy’ as a local neighborhood place where you can get a simple pancake or omelette. ^^;;

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4 Responses to “Doughboys (Highland Ave.)”

  1. Doug says:

    the sandwich almost looks like a gigantic italian calzone.

  2. seat says:

    Artichoke Sandwich looks good though! French onion soup looks like a cheese gratin~~
    Hey you must save a lot of money having half of a sandwich for lunch and the other half for dinner…I wish I had a petit stomach like yours~ ^^;;;;

  3. Freda says:

    My stomach ain’t petit at all…just have to force myself to stop. ^^;; I saw this japanese tv program on Youtube where they showed these ‘eating king+queen”s stomach…they were so freakishly gigantic! ^^;;

  4. Anonymous says: