May 16, 2007 3

M Cafe de Chaya (Melrose Ave)

By in 09: Weho

Been rather uncreative and keep going back to already blogged places recently, but that doesn’t mean there’s no blogworthy food. This popular Hollywood macrobiotic lunch spot M Cafe is also my most blogged place here (old posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but I still can’t resist despite the pricey food, nightmare parking and the hyped for next door neighbor Pinkberry that never dies down.


Big Mirco 10.95 Whole grain brown rice and veggie burger, special sauce, lettuce, tofu cheese, pickles, onion & sprouts on a baked whole wheat bun. Very delicious, love the tofu cheese. The side is Red Quinoa salad, first time I’ve ever tried this, reminds me of couscous. The texture is so pillowy and fluffy, very fun to eat.

Both Pistachio flavor: a Madeleine-like pastry but with chewier texture (my goodness I Love it!) and Pound cake.

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3 Responses to “M Cafe de Chaya (Melrose Ave)”

  1. Aubrey says:

    Not a restaurant comment but a comment to say I love your choice of music you’re listening to. Most of them are in my top 100 as well for shuffling through nonstop enjoyment.

  2. seat says:

    Except those expensive restaurants with full courses, I am repeating again and again the same places for my quick lunches nowadays. Trying out new eateries EVERYDAY is just too tiring~~

  3. Freda says:

    Thanks Aubrey~ 😀 I like checking out what people’s listed as their current listening in their blogs (not just new releases). This reminds me, there used to be a little cafe/restaurant in Little Tokyo (closed down long time ago) that I frequented, the owner always played music that I either just discover or currently into…Good times!

    Seat, I’m getting a bit lazy and tired of trying out new places in LA, dunno why…the driving & traffic maybe, or a bigger fatigue over the city in general perhaps. I think what’s unique and interesting about LA eating is the ethnic neighborhoods and the these little ethnic restaurant gems. But normally after work, tired at night…I don’t feel like venture out to unfamiliar neighborhood. When I went back to New York over the weekend, Manhattan is just is a lot A LOT tinier than I remembered, maybe it’s LA that’s just too damn big and everything’s so far part (great contrast).