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Aroma Cafe (Overland)

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The family owned Bosnian place Aroma Cafe (see old post here) is one place I often remember fondly and wanted to come back again and again, not only because of the absolutely delicious and exotic-yet-comforting mediterranean delicacies, but most of all it felt Escape-from-LA in there.

Turkish coffee. Rich and velvety, almost Belgian hot chocolate like~

From the grilled menu: Cevapi Kebab sandwich with peppered onion on the side. It taste much better than it looks. The kebab meat are incredibly light and airy, bursting with juice and flavors. The homemade bread are so good.

Deeply flavored Grilled Peppers and from the pita menu: Burek with meat. Very crispy and moist Croissant-ish crust with tasty grounded meat, herbs and potatoes inside. The waitress told us usually they’d have cheese ones and supposedly even better.

Hurmashice: sugar-syrup soaked cake with walnuts. Taste a bit like cake version of Baklava . Smell wonderful~

We love everything. We still have many things (the entree menu!) haven’t tried yet. But most of all I love quietness and warmth. By the way, they made their own bread and pastries, bread-lovers MUST visit.

Aroma Cafe 310-836-2919
2530 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, CA

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5 Responses to “Aroma Cafe (Overland)”

  1. seat says:

    The look indeed isn’t that tempting~. The reverse case of looks-can-be-deceiving. ^^;;

  2. Mike says:

    Great post!

    As a new food blogger, I just wanted to drop by and say hey. Keep a look out for me as I grow.

    Meanwhile, continue the great posts!


  3. Freda says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for checking out my blog. I sure will check out yours~ 😀

    haha Seat, it’s hard to take pictures of comfort food/sandwiches and make them look tempting haha~

  4. david chow says:

    freda you’re on a roll! this place is good (they have a sort of discount coupon on we have to keep it real chinese style!)

    i like getting bosnian in new york. particularly in astoria queens and theres also one other place in midtown…

  5. Freda says:

    Hey david! I just came back from New York for a weekend getaway, but it’s more of a girls night out thing so we’re always at chichi restaurants/bars. I can’t wait to go back for some real local New york + brooklyn eateries.