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Florent (NYC: Meatpacking)

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Joan and I went to New York to visit friends over the weekend. When we arrived it was a very late Friday night. Good things about Manhattan that LA will never have is the vivid vibrant night scene and good selection of 24 hours dining joints. Florent is a popular 24 hrs diner with a French bistro flair, cater for the partying crowd from the clubs at the Meat-packing district area. Love the vintage signages and red lightings.

My friend’s Vegetable Couscous, the couscous are mushy.
I got the Boudin Noir, blood sausage. Served hot and melty with apple slices underneath, yummy…at first! Since the portion is so huge that when I’m mid-way thru the first one it got gooey fast. I felt like gulping up pile of gooey oil. Mussels and Fries, pretty good fries~

Food not bad for a diner, not good enough for a bistro. Very generous portion, the burger ordered by the man sitting next to me looked tempting. The food would have been more satisfying if I’m tried and exhausted from partying next door (though we did get tired by the airplane in a different way).

Florent Gansevoort St between Washington and Greenwich

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2 Responses to “Florent (NYC: Meatpacking)”

  1. seat says:

    Welcome back~~

    Hey Boudin Noir is only great if you have it as an appetizer or amuse-bouche…even I cannot stomach two huge blood sausages!! ^^;;;;;;

    But…why meat-packing area?!! The horror depicted by “fast food nation” still lingers~~. I am reading “Chew on this” now. ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    They do have it as appertizer size…I should have get that instead…^^;;

    Yeah the name is so ironic…that area used to be the Meat-Packing district of NYC. But now it’s all turn into the hip yuppie area with $$$ restaurant and clubs and famous designer boutiques.

    And the nonstop bad news: here, here and more.