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Cha-An (NYC: East Village)

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One place I wanted to re-visit in New York is actually this Japanese teahouse (see my old posts: 1 & 2).
Everyone got different tea.

Finally I get to try the Lunch Set B $19, other people in my table envied my seemingly never ending servings.
Soy Milk Quiche (subtle sweetness and smells great) and Mushroom & Scallions.
Tea Smoked salmon, 15 Grain Rice
Veggie Soup and Eggplant

The Appertizer Sampler Plates:

The inferior Lunch Set A:
With porridage instead of rice. I had this last time, really healthy and plain in a good way.

DSC03593.jpgTop left is the dessert from Set A. top Middle is the very good Black Sesame Pudding. Top Right my Set B’s dessert. Bottom left is Sakura Pudding. Everything is exquisite~ so fine and tasty.

All my friends love this place, it’s a great quiet escape from the busy New York street and resting spot when your legs felt like breaking apart and baked from sun (I heard that hot tea helps cool down better than ice drink!).

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5 Responses to “Cha-An (NYC: East Village)”

  1. seat says:

    How come the sakura pudding is not pink but green? ^^;; Sakura leaf pudding maybe?
    Lunch B includes the quiche, mushroom&scallion, rice and soup and dessert?? That is very good value! The porridge set looks cute too~

    btw old post link 2 doesn’t work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those dishes look gorgeous- and pretty

  3. RP says:

    Wow! The B set is really impressive with that price! Especially want to try that quiche *p*

  4. Freda says:

    oh link fixed…^^;; Yes the lunch B set includes all that. I wish I live near this place, even the Lunch set A is a good healthy tasty eat.

    I’m curious why sakura flan looks green too…

    RP, the quiche is so good, it has different kinds of mushroom in it…the mushroom fragrance is so strong~~

  5. vero says:

    oooh i love the dessert.
    I love it more than chickalicious. I’ll definitely come back. oh you didn’t take picture of the green tea cookie 🙂