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Lupa Osteria Romana (NYC: West Village)

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We tried more celebrity chef’s famous restaurant, the next night was Lupa from Mario Batali, whom LA only get a taste recently with Mozza. We reserved two weeks ahead and got a 10:30pm spot.

The vibe is cozy and friendly, and a look at the menu…oh my…I want to order everything!

Veggie and Fish of the day.

Oxtail Terrain, juicy and delicate, very delicious~

Highlight of the dinner: Pork Shoulder with Rose Petal Glassato $18, this is so incredible…tender, melty and fragranced with sweet floral flavor. Even my Pesco-vegetarian friend can’t help devouring this. It’s so small portion though.

A seasonal dish not on regular menu: Buckwheat Spaghetti. Nutty texture. Very tiny portion as well.

DSC03700.jpgApician Spiced Dates & Mascarpone, smells great~

Everything on the menu sounds so good that it lures you wanting to come back again and again to try everything. I’m instantly a Mario Batali fan. My friend from NY also highly recommended Batali’s more high end restaurant Del Posto. Anyhow Lupa would be a must for me whenever I visit NYC.

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3 Responses to “Lupa Osteria Romana (NYC: West Village)”

  1. vero says:

    ugh.. I missed it 🙁
    but I’m catching up. what would be the best one to order.

  2. seat says:

    Pasta made from buckwheat is a trend now?? It is like…a mouthful!!
    Tender meat that smells/tastes like flower…wow!

  3. Freda says:

    Vero I don’t know what’s best in Lupa, I saw other table where everyone just got their own bowl of pasta ^^;;. You should try their lamb and more traditional pasta, just to see how good they are.