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Katz’s Delicatessen (NYC: LES)

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DSC03712.jpgKatz’s Deli is like the landmark MUST visit classic Jewish New York deli for tourists and foodie. My NYC foodblogging won’t be complete without it. We went there late afternoon on a chilled Monday, so there was no crazy queue. On the left side of the walls are full of photos and autographs of famous (or not so famous) patrons. The circle sign hang up there marked the spot of where that scene of When Harry Met Sally was taken place.

The famous Pastrami sandwiches. HUGE! More than enough to share between two people. The pastrami was juicy, flavorful and incredibly tender. Delicious~ Compare to LA’s Langers, the pastrami in Katz is better, but I enjoy the combine of with the cole slaw in Langers more.

The Lemonade is really good~ wow! You order thru a ticket system. When you walked through the door a ticket is handed to you. All your orders at the deli are marked on the ticket. On your way out you handed the ticket to cashier. Even if you didn’t use yours, you need it because it’s a ticket way out~

Katz’s Delicatessen
Lower East Side – Houston cross Ludlow st.

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