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June 13, 2006 3

101 Coffee shop (Franklin)

By in 04: Los Feliz

I blogged this place long time ago. I went back few times and their food never leave much impression on me. This time I went there for dessert. The Chocolate Waffle brownie Sundae is great. It’s basically a big warm chocolate brownie pressed into waffle shape and topped with vanilla ice cream. I felt a […]

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January 23, 2006 6

Veselka (NYC: East Village)

By in 03: NYC

With lunch and dinner all stuck in office, the only chance to eat out is…breakfast. Sacrifice a little sleep, get up early. 😀 Eating breakfast at neighborhood cafe with friends is what I considered a good life. This Ukranian 24 hour diner Veselka is a popular spot at East Village. I met up with my […]

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April 16, 2005 2

101 Coffee Shop (Franklin)

By in 08: Hollywood

Cafe 101 is a hipster diner place. The tiny red T-shirt sleeve on the far left of the 1st pix was Vincent Gallo! He was sitting by himself and looking very pissed .. ^^;;; The Grapefruit juice wasn’t very good, too sour and not fresh. Tuna Melt sandwich, it’s pretty good! It came with fries […]

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October 12, 2004 3

Fred 62 (Los Feliz)

By in 04: Los Feliz

Lunch at Fred 62 today. It’s a hipster version of the All-American 50s Diner (like ‘Eatwell’ in Silverlake from previous entry). Other than the usual overpriced burger, breakfast, macaroni etc with wacky names, the hipster twist are: tofu/vegetarian and Asian stuffs (udon, thai). The sofa seat is pretty cool! The exterior is quite cool too, […]

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