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June 30, 2007 5

Cal Tech Athenaeum Buffet

By in 02: Pasadena

A friend of ours was a Caltech student (genius!) and belonged to the Caltech Faculty Club. He told us about the club’s Wednesday night buffet ($28) and that they have really good prime rib! Outsiders can only get in by being invited by a club member. So he invited a big group of us~ The […]

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November 6, 2006 2

Mayura Restaurant (Culver City)

By in 13: Culver City

Chicken Makini, and many others I don’t know the names of. The front orange thing (?) taste incredibly sweet, I wonder what it is… I was looking for another restaurant but the address pointed me to this Indian restaurant. The buffet is $5.99, all you can eat. The food are all very tasty. Bollywood movies […]

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October 25, 2006 4

Bharat Bazaar (Mar Vista)

By in 13: Culver City

I meet up a friend for lunch at this Indian market that also serve Southern Indian Vegetarian food. Love the smell of spice and goods inside! Pani Puri. You ate these puff Puri hard shell by cracking the top, filled it with spoonful of chick pea, onion with mashed potatoes, then dipped the entire thing […]

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September 29, 2005 1

Brix (Napa Valley)

By in 04: SF+Bay Area

We stayed at SF for a night and the next morning we headed up north to Napa Valley (a country side area where there’re lots of vineyards, wineries for wine tasting, spas and hotels). It was about 1 hour and half away. We are starving by the time we got there. This place was recommended […]

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February 22, 2005 2

Tandoor-A-India (Playa del Rey)

By in 14: Marina del Rey

Nonstop thunder storm today. We attempted to drive to Manhattan Beach but we were ‘blocked’ by scarily heavy wall of rain when we got there, the vision were totally blurred and the roads half-flooded so we had to turn back. We found this cheap local Indian place nearby. It is built on a steep slope […]

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