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January 21, 2011 2

Lemonade (Abbot Kinney)

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Lemonade is a gourmet cafeteria that’s popping up around LA’s (the yuppie area) recently. The Abbot Kinney location is my frequent lunch spot as it’s close to my work place. This place sounds great in concept already, but it’s the varieties and quality that’d The moment you walk in, you’d be lining up along rows […]

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December 30, 2005 4

Cafe 2 @ MoMA (NYC: Midtown)

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While Freda went to work, I spent my time at MoMA, especially since it’s raining outside. I went to the “very gourmet” cafe on 2nd floor Freda raved about last time. Wow it is very very good indeed. Forgot the fancy name of this dish but it’s Baked Egg with Prosuitto, so delicious! And the […]


December 21, 2005 2

Cafe 2 @ MoMA (NYC: Midtown)

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The cafe in Museum of Modern Art is unbelievably gourmet! I had the Roasted lamb leg with braised swiss chard and anson mills polenta. It’s fantastic, so tasty, tender and juicy~ The museum is packed with gems. I especially like the special Odilon Redon show, the book printing of his charcoal drawings doesn’t do any […]

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