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June 11, 2008 4

Pho Le Loi (San Gabriel)

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The Northern Vietnamese dishes we had at Little Saigon was unforgettable. Thank goodness I read from Eat drink and be merry that there’s a closer alternative: Pho Le Loi. It’s in San Gabriel Valley right across from Saigon Flavor. A much shorter drive than Westminster. Very good Banh Tom (Crispy fried Yam with shrimp). Fresh […]

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February 19, 2008 5

Hanoi (Little Saigon)

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We stopped by Little Saigon for some good Vietnamese food. Since it was the weekend before Tet (Vietnamese New Year, same day as the Chinese New year), the neighborhood was extremely crowded. I found several recommendations from Chowhound, though due to the insane holiday traffic we settled into the first place on the list we […]


February 13, 2008 2

Saigon Flavor (San Gabriel)

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When I couldn’t deal with the impossible lines at Golden Deli, I go to the less crowded sister restaurant Saigon Flavor at Alhambra. The menu and quality is similar, even the fabric inside is the same. Banh Beo Bi $4.75 Hard to eat because of the crumbs of fried shallot, dried minced shrimp, shredded pork, […]

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January 24, 2008 3

Blue Hen (Eagle Rock)

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Been hanging out more often at the Eagle rock area due to the wonderful neighbourhood market Fresh and Easy. It’s a great alternative to Trader Joe’s and everything I’ve tried so far tasted good! Anyways, I’ve been sick ever since the new year began, so eating light and healthy has been the priority these days. […]

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January 9, 2008 5

Viet Noodle Bar (Atwater Village)

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The much hyped (from Silver Lake people) Vietnamese Soy Cafe on Hyperion have such odd opening hours that it seems eternally closed for almost every day of the week. Then I heard about the newly opened sister cafe called Viet Noodle Bar nearby. Like Viet Soy, the name of the cafe is barely noticeable from […]

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