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Jun 16

Cafe Brazil (Palms)

Food 11: West LA

DSC04273.jpg DSC04274flan.jpgVery cozy, homemade style authentic Brazilian food! They have these cheap Executive Lunch set during workdays, and I went back twice already. The sides: black beans, salad and rice are all very tasty and the plantains are the best I had so far. The tasty flavored rice reminds me of rice from 'Hainan Chicken Rice.' I got the steak this time, which was a bit hard. Last time I had chicken and that was wonderful.
DSC04268.jpgDSC04272.jpgI had a fresh Sugarcane juice last time and it was too sweet. This time I got Passion fruit juice and Brazilian flan. The Flan felt a bit stale and too sweet. I also like to get the Brazilian cheese bread (not in picture), my favorites, yummy~

Freda | June 16, 2005 05:42 PM


usually to save $, I'll just drink (tap) water, but sometimes I can't stand water or get thirsty I'd get juice (never soda). Ha I don't have the aftermeal coffee habit, because there's a coffee house right next to our office, that's where I'd get coffee (so we'd get another 'coffee break' after 'lunch break' ^^;;). Also they have 'stamp card' system, that I'd try to get coffee there.. ^^;;

Freda | June 21, 2005 08:43 AM

Like the "One plate lunch" here, lots of stuff on one plate. The flan is so big! I notice you always order juice/special drinks with your meal?? No after-meal coffee habit?

seat | June 17, 2005 06:24 PM