a tes souhaits (アテスエ)

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Lunch is about 3000yen. Pork rillette.
0910 004.jpg0910 004.jpg
Escargot and chicken croquette – good. Cut open look here.
0910 016.jpg0910 020.jpg

0910 027.jpgChicken Confit. Macha Creme Brulee. Herb Tea. All very good.

5 thoughts on “a tes souhaits (アテスエ)

  1. The food looks sooo good! Especially the escargot and chicken croquette, I’m feeling hungry now 😛

    The pix is a bit too big, it might take forever to load if you have whole page full of them. How about make them into thumbnail size like your old blog?

  2. Yeah! The croquette was the best in the whole meal(everything tasted really good though). I went to this restaurant with Inoka for lunch actually(same day as I met up with tomoko for dinner). I have never been to a proper posh French restaurant with her before – she is always so broke. And you know how she hates this, she hates that, and I was really surprised when she ordered the escargot as well!! But when we were eating, she was like “So is this mushroom??” I was like oh my god, she doesn’t know what escargot is!! ^^;;;; I told her AFTER she had finished it of course. But she seemed okay with it…..She is leaving Japan for good next month~~~~~But I have the feeling that she will be coming back very soon….^^;;;;

  3. My god Inoka ate escargot without knowing what it is ^^;;; So she’s leaving as in…she finished all her courses and must go back? Is there other way besides being student for her to come back?

  4. Did you go to a Shibuya Restaurant because that’s where Inoka only wanted to go? ^^;; Is she still obessessed with you know what?

  5. Yeah she graduated and is leaving before her visa expires…I mean she already did master and if she doesn’t want to do Phd then there is not much option for being a student here once again. Maybe she can work in a Japanese company in Taiwan and hope for a transfer.

    Yeah, she is still obsessed, that’s why she has no money even though she is actually rich. ^^;;;;; Well, I seldom go to Shibuya now so I don’t mind meeting up with her there. The usual shopping course around Shibuya you know. ^^;;;

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