Magic Spice@Shimokitazawa (マジックスパイス@下北沢)

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Pork soup curry. From many levels of spiciness, I chose the second hottest and oh my god it was HOT!! ^^;;

0913 028.jpg Tropical smoothie.
Magic Spice

10 thoughts on “Magic Spice@Shimokitazawa (マジックスパイス@下北沢)

  1. The names for the spice level are so funny (Buddhist terms) ^^;;; The place looks cool…the smoothie glass >w

  2. The smoothie cup looks like a toy…^^;;;
    What, I don’t think the spice is healthy!! It gave me a massive headache actually because it was just too hot, but tasted really good though, very surprised I actually could taste it….

  3. hello seat *_* my name is tina, i found out about your blog through joan and freda’s site. really good food. . . wondering when i will be able to visit japan again? i miss the place, the food, the people, and much more. . .

  4. Oh ha! Let me introduce, Tina is my friend from ArtCenter, originally from Taiwan. Seat is my HK friend who lives in Japan, a big gourmet and cake fan who enlightened me the joy of eating~~ 🙂

  5. Hi Tina!! Welcome welcome. Were you travelling in Japan during your last visit? Or study? Work? You should definitely come visit again! I can be your personal gourmet guide!! ^^;;;

    Joan, I am very very impressed by all your gourmet-hunting in L.A.!! It is not just the eating, there is so much more to enjoy – interior, atmosphere, new areas etc. And you used to say there isn’t any good restaurants in L.A., seems like there are many though!

  6. Seat is the best gourmet guide in Japan~~ she knows all the real good places!

    Yeah there are some good places in LA, just need to really search and hunt around. I wish I know some of the places already when you came so I could take you there! Though most “good” places are very pricey, can’t afford to eat too much! 🙁

  7. hello again. . . yeah, my last visit was just for travelling. my boyfriend is a big japan fan and he visited there about 4 times before we met. i took a break from art center and went to japan for three weeks for x’mas and new year. and i had the greatest time there. but we stayed mainly in tokyo and didn’t get to travel far. there are so many places i want to go, so many food i want to eat. . . i am planning to visit again next year, and trying ot attent BT ‘s concert too (if they are having one) for the first time. so, yeah, let’s meet up if i get to go visit. . . so excited already!!!! even though it’s 12 month away. . . . >o

  8. I got a 10 year U.S. visa so I can come and visit L.A. again! So I rely on you to be my L.A. gourment guide la~~~~

    Tina, it would be fun if you could come and visit. Other parts of Japan are very fun to visit too, like Kyoto or Hokkaido. If you are coming with your boyfriend then hotspring would be fantastic.

  9. yeah, i’ve always want to visit Hokkaido, it will be fun if i can go visit other place too. i have a friend from nagoya, i think i am going to visit her too i go next year. we were going to take a short osen trip last time, but two days before that i got a “girl situation!!!” so . . .

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