5 thoughts on “蒲田立ち飲み

  1. Oily food is good to go with alcohol, haha. Yeah, standing drink places where people will come and go quickly and not sit forever. Very very ojisan, which is supposed to mean “deep”. ^^;; I went with the gourmet ML members(the next day, i.e. today is a holiday). Well, both the chinese wine and beer are very ojisan type…The last place we went to is chinese – very very rare for me to go for chinese – but the dumplings are good. It was fun though, eating and drinking and chatting casually, it was really cheap as well, I spent only like 3000yen last night.

  2. シーさん、忙しいのに参加してくれてありがとう。

  3. takachenabさん、コメントありがとう!

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