Bread from Dean & Deluca

0922 020.jpgAOI MUGIのパンドミ(月のしずく水を使用した湯種寿食パン)。462円。

0921 017.jpgブルーチーズと洋梨のサイド。フォアグラテリーヌとナスのサンド。
The blue cheese and pear sandwich was alright – the blue cheese had no blue cheese taste at all, more like cream cheese so I was disappointed. The burnt one was the foie gras and aubergine sandwich – if it “looked” burnt from the start I wouldn’t have bought it! Only found out after the first bite. They are not cheap – more than 500yen each so I expected more!

0916 023.jpg”FRAISAGE”のパン。

1211 003.jpgAKIKO HIRANOのバナナチョコクリームタルト。
Chocolate and banana cream tart

10 thoughts on “Bread from Dean & Deluca

  1. Hey nice dynamic angle shot you have there! Makes a normal loft of bread seems interesting 😀

  2. It is not normal bread…it is branded, haha. But seriously, it was really good, soft and had a milky taste. I put butter and the canned pate I bought the other day, yum.

  3. they sale this kind of bread at chinese market here too. a little bit more expensive than the normal one. i made yama imo last nite for rice. it was really good. i usually watch a japanese food show on sat. nite and try to make the food they introduce on the show. it’s a really refreshing food for summer. good with rice and noddle too.

  4. eh. . . i dont’ remember the name of the show. but it’s on the japanese channel with caption. i think it’s call “what will you eat tonite” or something like that. they always compare two dishes and talk abou where the ingredients were found blab blab blab. . . they had negiyaki vs.okonomiayaki, somei vs. yama imo, . . . i wish we can have more japanese channel. and plus my roomate is japanese, and both of us cook… so it’s fun to swap recieps

  5. oh Seat, did you know that Iron Chef is showing in cable (Food Network) here and gain quite a cult hit here? ^^;;

  6. Long long ago they showed Iron Chef 料理の鉄人 on public Japanese channel and I watched it everytime, it’s entertaining (fancy costume host, dramatic music, and ‘serious’ battle annoucement)! That gain a cult hit so the cable Food Network started to show it and bring it to “mainstream” couple years ago. It’s ended right that time in Japan so US’s just re-running old episodes (till now) but they tried to make a American version but it’s just no where as fun.

  7. yeah! i watch iron chef everytime i go home to my parents’ place (they have cable). and i use to watch them on japanese channel too. when i visit japan, they just change the show host to a new guy, and they had this whole chessy ceremony for the new guy. . . it was fun to watch. but i hated the one they play on cable dubbled to english. the translation is always soooo chessy. epscailly for the cerlabraty guest they have on the show. that’s why i really like ?????????!!! everyone acts more nature
    compare to iron chef (the the food seems more common that i can actually make it in my own kitchen cuz there’re not many good japanese place to go for real authentic food in the states) i always get so hungry after the show that i make the food they introduce the next day.

    a little side note. . . i watched “in the mood for love” couple weeks ago, and i was craving wonton soup badly since they keep showing it in the film, that i actually stop the movie and went out to eat wonton soup at a HK restuaruant!!! haaa XD

  8. Oh~~~~料理の鉄人, I think I have heard it somewhere before but never watched~~~

    I don’t like cooking shows though cos I can’t cook hence I can’t eat….shows introducing restaurants are fun because I can go the next day….^^;;;

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