Buono Buono (ブオーノ ブオーノ)

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1008 011.jpg前菜:大和豚のロースト モスタルダ添え、メイン:いろいろキノコの自家製タリオリーニ、さつまいもとリンゴタルト、コーヒー、1680円。Bad…

5 thoughts on “Buono Buono (ブオーノ ブオーノ)

  1. It is really bad…the pasta tastes like 伊麺 that you get in HK-styled cafes…not worth the $$ at all!!

  2. The appetizer and the tart are all no good too. The red thing is red pepper paste and it is very sweet…This restaurant I actually found from some gourmet review site and the comments were all very positive!! Unbelievable!!

  3. そう、そう、評判がいいから行ったのに、

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