L’amitie (ラミティエ@高田馬場)

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Not supposed to take pics in this restaurant and I was sitting right in front of the kitchen…so only a few pics of the main course. Went with a large group and gosh so much food, so much food…. First pic is baked pie with scallop and fish, second is roasted lamb with gorgonzola cheese(very good!), third is quail meat sausage. The restaurant is near Waseda university and even dinner course(large portion) is only like 2000yen.

7 thoughts on “L’amitie (ラミティエ@高田馬場)

  1. Wow so cheap! Is it because Waseda is a cheaper area or something?
    The Pie and the Lamb looks really yummy.

  2. The pie is scallop and fish lor. Even though the restaurant is cheap, not many students go there apparently – 1000yen French lunch, no matter how big the portion or how worth the money, is still too luxurious for students…^^;;;

  3. haa, i thought the sausage is ankinmo(sp??). . . i’ve being craving for that for quite sometime.

  4. eh~ maybe i didn’t spell it right ^^||| it’s fish liver. the one that’s from the deep sea fish with really scary face. they usually serve it as sashimi and cut it up like the sausage you have in the photo. serve raw with graded daikon, sauce and negi.

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