5 thoughts on “ぷれじでんと 千房

  1. hey, have you try negiyaki before? my roomate is the only person that likes negiyaki over okonomiyaki. i want to know what you think 😀

  2. I never tried these pancakes before and I’ve always wanted to. Are there different kinds? (like isn’t there one kind you make it yourself?)

  3. Hmm…I don’t have particular preference for spring onion pancake or okonomiyaki – I just don’t eat this kind of pancake often enough to have an opinion. ^^;;;

    Yeah, there are restaurants that you have to make it yourself – which I hate because I am lazy and want to be served. ^^;;; Of course there are many different kinds, you can put in whatever ingredient you want really. Cheese, kimchi, mochi..etc.

  4. there is a small okonomiyaki place at shibuya that we visit often. i their meau cuz there’s a lot of different choice. but man is the place tiny!!!

    freda, if you want to eat okonomiyaki, lets come to my place some day and i can make some for you guys!! 😀

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