5 thoughts on “Osteria Casareccia

  1. Oh no no, the full course I had was 1500yen, but if only bread and salad and pasta, it is 1000yen.

  2. That’s good deal!

    BTW I notice, most of all the restaurant you went to lunch for, seems to be empty ?! ^^;;;

  3. Yeah, I thought extra 500yen for the soup+dessert+coffee would be worth it but I didn’t expect the soup and dessert to be so small and normal!! Should have ordered the pasta only.

    Ginza has so many restaurants – they are almost never full. More crowded from 12.00 to 1.00(office lunch hour) but I always go after 1 or before 12. This one I went at a quarter to 12 and there were only two other girls besides me.

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