Hoi An (ホイアン)

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Vietnamese buffet. For the spring roll, they provide you with cooked ingredients and you have to wrap and roll them yourself…that’s why no pics of the spring roll I made – it looks terrible. ^^;; For the Pho, again the noodles, chicken, veggy are all there, you have to reboil the noodles, and pour the ingredient and soup yourself – this one is easy to make. But really, I would rather to be served. ^^;; Vietnamese coffee(the dripping kind with condensed milk) is also DIY…it is so weird to make coffee by yourself in a restaurant!! Everyone was so busy making this making that, and by the time we could start chatting a bit, we were chased out of the restaurant(90 minutes limit for the buffet). ^^;;

2 thoughts on “Hoi An (ホイアン)

  1. Went with ML fellows and tomoko! She has settled down in her new place but cannot use internet yet so can’t check emails or your blog. After lunch we hanged around in the department store’s food section and had ice-cream. (^^;)

  2. Oh that’s great you drag Tomoko to the ML gathering! Are you like known for bringing pretty girls to the gathering now? ha! What did Tomoko think of the pho? I remembered she really likes Vietnamese food and we always eat pho here. I don’t quite understand the DIY part, like they only provide you guys the ingredients and you’ll have to make the food yourself or something?! What!?!? Isn’t that kind of hard to do!? ^^;; I would certainly make a mess doing the springroll! Coffee is the dripping with condense sweet milk kind right?

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