Le Chat Botte (ル・シャボテ)

Lunch visit. Cold pumpkin soup. Japanese Blue fish and scallop, with sakura shrimp sauce. Quite good.
1106 005.jpg1106 007.jpg
Came back for dinner. Everything is really bad….
1106 008.jpg1106 012.jpg

1106 016.jpgキンメとアンコウのメヒカリ添え、フレンチベルモットソース。2100円。

8 thoughts on “Le Chat Botte (ル・シャボテ)

  1. Everything EVERYTHING was bad….the thing is I have eaten in this restaurant before and it was good! You just never know…

  2. But it looks so good in picture, what a disappointment. Maybe the head chef was on vacation and an apprentice taken over that day ^^;;

  3. No! The chef came out and served me the main…so there is no excuse! Halfway through my meal a fly landed happily on my bread too….I called the waitor and he offered me new bread but I wasn’t going to eat that hard and cold bread anyway so I didn’t take it…

  4. ah I just saw this today (somehow miss it). the desert did seems not very good (sponge cake is too normal~~). Isn’t it suck that a restaurant you thought was good then the 2nd time you went it wasn’t not as good as before!?

  5. No the chef just served me…but the restaurant is very casual and the waitress is probably the chef’s wife or something.

    Yeah, it was lucky that I didn’t bring any friends to this restaurant!!

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