Bistro de Lyon (ビストロ・ド・リヨン@木場)

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洋葱のポタージュ。 Onion potage.
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和牛ほほ肉の赤ワイン煮込み。 Cow cheek in red wine sauce.
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Orange and chocolate mousse, grape sorbet.

4 thoughts on “Bistro de Lyon (ビストロ・ド・リヨン@木場)

  1. The place looks niiiice (non-pretentious and ‘authentic’). Is it stew beef? Looks soooo tender and juicy~~~ (mouth watering). One thing I notice, of all the pic you took the sorbet always took shape like this, as it’s all mold from the same scoop, I guess it’s a common used scoop ^^;;

  2. It is stewed beef in red wine~~
    I think the ice-cream is shaped like that using two big spoons…dunno how to explain it but I have seen people do it before.

  3. the shape of sorbet is common for desert. they usually do that for creme/mosses on top of pie or any kinda sweets a la mode.

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