Essenza (エッセンツァ)

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Minestrone, shrimp in Tartara sauce, beef Carpaccio, and marinated tomato.
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Spaghetti with oyster and corn marigold in Basilico sauce. Caramel pudding.

2 thoughts on “Essenza (エッセンツァ)

  1. Counter seat only eh~ The tiny 4 appertizer dishes look so cute (so tiny ^^;;;) Oyster pasta~ sounds yummy~~~ I discover that for me, Caramel pudding (or creme brulee or any fran/custard/egg pudding with caramel sauce) is like the new chocolate (which I’m over since few years ago). Dunno why I craved it constantly…^^;;;

  2. Yeah, this restaurant is on the 4th floor of a landmark commercial building and even though I went before the busiest lunch hour but still I had to wait for so long…especially for the cute appetizer. They actually made the appetizer in front of me and I was like “don’t need to take like 15 minutes to do all those fancy decoration, just give them to me NOW!!!” I finished them in less than a minute anyway!! ^^;;;; Oh I craved for caramel at one time…caramel’s bitter taste is very addictive. Now I crave for marron/chestnut…as you can tell. ^^;;;

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