L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

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1205 065.jpg帆立貝とカブの薄切りを小麦に乗せて、アサリで取ったブイヨンで。豚のロースト、小野菜のソテー。サービス料も含めて3190円。
Scallop and turnip in clear clam soup. Roasted pork. Total 3190yen.

10 thoughts on “L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

  1. Wow I wonder how the clear clamsoup taste like! It looks like kind of “chinese-ish”?

  2. The bread is not that fantastic though very nice presentation. Actually the clam soup doesn’t taste that clam-ish but the scallop and turnip are v. sweet and yummy. The roasted pork is a bit boring though. It is quite an expensive(dessert+coffee is an extra 1000yen so I skipped) posh place that I will never go by myself – I went with tomoko. She ordered salad and fish dish and she seemed to be very satisfied – probably nicer than mine. Wish I could take pics of the restaurant inside but it is all counter seats so I didn’t dare~~~

  3. How’s the dress code in posh place like this? Would waiters give you dirty look if you dressed a bit ‘down’? ^^;;;

  4. It was a Sunday lunch so I guess there was no dress code at that time….the guy on our right hand side was probably a regular customer – kept chatting with the chef, and the couple on our left were westerners…they dressed normal(probably really expensive “casual” clothes just that I don’t recognise. ^^;;;). Oh don’t know tomoko noticed or not but the young chef(many of them behind the counter) was looking and checking tomoko out, hohoho~~~~

  5. err…not exactly “cute” but trendy-looking la. Too bad tomoko didn’t(or did she?) notice haha~~~

  6. Tomoko said her type is Bruce Lee, so if he looks like Bruce Lee then he’ll have a chance! =D

  7. Bruce Lee…..^^;;;;;;;
    Not a chance for the chef then…no he is not that tall I think. Ah~~~~guys taller than tomoko are few in Japan though~~~

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