TORAYA CAFE (トラヤカフェ)

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Assorted dessert plate with red-bean chocolate cake, castella, ginger jelly etc.

4 thoughts on “TORAYA CAFE (トラヤカフェ)

  1. The cake looks kinda plain!?
    The green tea thing seems interesting, I want to try that!

  2. Ahahaha, it is originally a traditional Japanese sweet shop とらや and this is a trendy cafe version. The cakes taste nice, in a plain sort of way. ^^;;;;; Actually the nicest one was the ginger jelly. The drink is just normal ice macha, taste nice though. Went with tomoko and she ordered the nut+fruit cake. Oh the leaf is actually a biscuit!

  3. Ha you know how Japanese sweet isn’t as attractive as French ones ma. THe biscuit leave is so cute!

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