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  1. Exactly, 200-300yen a bread and you get sooooo satisfied taste-wise and energy-wise. Do you have a toaster/oven in your office? You can buy a lot when you go to a nice bakery and freeze them and eat them slowly. As long as you master the re-heating technique, re-heated bread is just as good. I’m sure Tina and Jason didn’t eat all that 10 bread they bought on the same day ma? You should have bought more! The bread I bought are still in the freezer too.

  2. haaaa, there is no way we can eat 10 bread in one day . . . although they are all very good!!!! we eat bread for breakfast everyday with tea and coffee. so the bread lasted almost a wk. all very nice, the pear tart is a bit too sweet, but goes well with black coffee.

  3. Yeah breakfast is the best time to eat bread – have the whole day to burn away the calorie~~~

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