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Pork stewed in fig sauce, absolutely heaven. Lunch course includes bread basket, mushroom soup, dessert and coffee.
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First floor is a bakery(very small place always crowded with people), second floor is a cafe. It is a bit far from the city but it is worth the trip~~~

4 thoughts on “Zopf(ツォップ@松戸)

  1. Wow~ basket full of bread~~ so un-JP ^^;; The portion seems big too!? Fig sauce sounded heavenly!!!
    What is the dessert?
    The bread all looks so good!!!

  2. Yeah look at the quality and quantity and the price of the food, the long trip definitely worths it!

  3. The dessert is “blanc manger”, kind of milk pudding with almond taste. The trip took me 2 hours by train though…^^;;;; The sandwiches are hard to keep fresh so I need to eat them quickly…cream cheese+salmon, sausage with veggy etc., lots of variety! Wish the shop were more nearby though!

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