Bistorot IsShuU (ビストロ イッシュウ@明大前)

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カボチャスープ。Pumpkin soup.
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ブリのサラダ。スズキのソテー 白ワインソース。
Yellowtail salad. Seabass Saute, white wine sauce. Very light-tasting and delicious.
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Tea creme brulee, Gateau chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Bistorot IsShuU (ビストロ イッシュウ@明大前)

  1. Oh the blinds and seatings looked Japanese but it’s western gourmet ^^;;; Cute picture of the soup and the flower vase with the same color of yellow(haha did you did it on purpose?). Oooh tea creme brulee~~ looks good, meaning it’s not caramel but tea top coating? Yum!!

  2. I thought taking the soup alone was boring so fit in the little flower too. ^^;; Oh the pudding is tea taste, the top is normal caramel coating.

    Anyway, I am back online! haha! Sorry for the wait! But need to go out now, go to your blog later~~~ ^^;;;

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