rice paper@harbour city

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Honey and ginger drink.
Grilled pork balls, chili sauce and tamarind.
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Braised duck in coconut milk, red curry, smoked peppers and potatoes.
Deep fried soft shell crab with watercress.
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1217 103.jpgバナナプリン、ハチミツアイスクリーム、$55。
Sticky banana pudding topped with honeycomb ice-cream.
French apple tart with basil ice-cream.

5 thoughts on “rice paper@harbour city

  1. Ohh Rice Paper, I remember it from reading about it on magazine before (on HK). But too bad the food standard don’t match how good it looks. 🙁 The food presentation is so decorative and “neat” looking, which probably doesn’t taste as good as cheap but “authentic” Vietnamese restaurants. The drink sounded very good though~

  2. ヒナゲシさん>

    It is such a big restaurant, many tables inside and outside in the terrace, it is probably hard to maintain good quality of food if there are too many customers. Hey, I maintained to capture the tall building(forgot its name ^^;;;) in the picture even though I didn’t really aim.

  3. Oh oh I didn’t even notice the first time ^^;; Yeah the tall building…light up so nice at night!

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