Tapas@Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

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カキはBelon, Irish rock, california rockなど。一人で10個食べて、ワイン2杯(8時までは一杯サービス)、デザート一個とコーヒー、9500円ぐらい。

4 thoughts on “Tapas@Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

  1. My friends took me to this oyster bar, it is so nice!! And interesting too to try different kinds of oysters and compare them. I tried very hard(well not that hard…) to remember the names but gave up after the wine got to my head…dry white wine with raw oyster is heaven~~~~ The chocolate banana cake has hot choco sauce inside, very very good! We ordered one more of that chocolate cake, plus cookies’n cream and chocolate ice-cream as well. My friend managed to get us two free desserts by chatting with the chef….amazing!

  2. Wowowow it does look very very nice! I can’t imagine how different the taste of oysters can be since I’ve always had the same kind. My mouth is watering~~ I want to eat raw oyster too! The desert looks very yummy too. Gosh I need friends who can get free food by chatting too!

  3. OMG soooo many OYSTER~~ *o* Though they tend not to look too distinctive on pictures, I can only imagine how the sauce are different. The dessert sounded so good, but kinda small~
    I want to learn the art of chat-up/charming to get ‘advantage’ like that too (but i never can do it, just not me…^^;;;)

  4. My friend went there before and she got free desserts too last time~~~the point is, she called the chef by his name, cos she reckoned guys like that. Very good point! And smiles of course. She did it so easily and naturally though! There is much to learn…and practice. ^^;;;;
    The bigger oysters are generally sweeter and milder, and the smaller ones could be very very salty at the beginning and got sweeter as you chew, and some are very creamy. But I wonder if this batch we ordered were slightly small and “flat”, I thought good ones were more bloated…or if too big, no delicacy?? Dunno…^^;;

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