1221 001.jpg海王粥店のピータンと魚のおかゆ。チェーンのお粥の店。

1221 004.jpgファーストフードレストラン美心の糯米鶏。

1224 023.jpg1224 025.jpg

1224 030.jpg1224 032.jpg
麻辣粉@Causeway Bay Russel street
1224 054.jpg1224 058.jpg

3 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. All the okay quick meals I have had. Not exactly places you want to go look for them. The most “exciting” is the green chilli though, tasted really spicy at first but became sweet after a while, quite nice! Dared not to eat too much though.

  2. You eat “plain” food too haha! oh man 美心….I remembered I always eat their chicken leg for lunch when I was school in HK.

  3. Maxim is not bad ha~~~there is one near where I live so I sometimes go there for quick lunches.

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