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Not very good….
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4 thoughts on “SHANGHAI HOUSE@九龍塘又一城

  1. This restaurant is no good…went to see Kung Fu nearby so just hopped in for dinner. Kung Fu was good, quite funny!! But some scenes do remind me of scenes from other films and the graphics is still very computer game feel. Definitely worth watching though.

  2. Haha you really go eat Shanghai food and Dungbo Pork like you said you would~ Ah, no good huh…too bad…

    I want to see Kung Fu so badly!!! :DDD Did you see Shaolin Soccer? How’s Kung Fu compare to it? (Shaolin Soccer was very good, I like how Steven Chow is moving toward more universal appeal humour with manga-action comedy and colorful characters than his old ‘local’ language humor.

  3. I saw Shaolin soccer too but the first time I saw it I didn’t find it that outrageously funny, but liked it more the second time…^^;;; But Kung Fu is way better in my opinion. The emphasis is not on Chow himself, but other characters that are more colourful and funny, also the most interesting fight scenes are actually between other characters. In fact the climax at the end between Chow and the ultimate villain is kinda boring. There are many many kung fu styles which I read a lot in Jin-yung’s novels and it is very fun to see them visualised and exaggerated and comic-ised. ^^;;;; I really like the two blind assassin’s fighting style. Also you are right, the HK style mo-liu humour, which is very local, is very minimal in this film – a good trend because I hate that kind of humour.
    When will it be on in US??

  4. It won’t come out until March next year over here. Let’s hope they keep the schedule and not keep postponing or cancelling like they did to Shaolin Soccer. .

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