Bon Appetit(私房菜)@Tsim Sha Tsui

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This place is -o-;;;;;;
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9 thoughts on “Bon Appetit(私房菜)@Tsim Sha Tsui

  1. Tasted really bad…it is not a restaurant; the chef serves you food in private places(most likely his home) after you phone to book. But the first trial this year is a miss…

  2. Ah too bad the food is not good. I really like the idea of 私房菜 a lot. I remembered you told me about another one you had before which is a girl chef and the food was really great? May be try her again? How do you find out services like these?

  3. Most of the dishes all sound very unique, it’s too bad. Do you customize your menu too?

  4. J>
    wow, you have good memory!! Yeah, that girl chef has moved to Sai Kung(v. far from central) so it is more difficult to go there(my friends finish work at around 8.30pm which would be too late to go far).
    My friend gave me this 私房菜list, but no pictures or menu so a bit hard to pick.
    Or restaurants reviews sites like Open Rice or Food Easy, but my friends said that the comments are not trust-worthy…like this restaurant is highly recommended yet tasted really bad.
    We let the chef decide our menu. One of the my friends doesn’t eat red meat so we requested the chef to change the menu for her and we thought the chef would put some fish or seafood instead of the red meat, yet he just took out all the meat and that’s it, for example the “smoked chicken salad” for my friend is just the exact same thing WITOUT the meat…and you see that whole chuck of broccoli?? My friend can’t eat the roasted duck and chicken, so all she got was that huge broccoli…the most most most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire history of pigging out! ^^;;;;

  5. WHAT? isn’t that cheating? ^^;;; What a lazy chef!!! Did you friend have to pay the same price for the huge brocolli as roasted duck??? I guess maybe unlike restaurants these home/small operation isn’t as well-prepare and flexible where they have other subtitutes easily ready. They probably bought the exact meat supplies that week or so…^^;; but realy that’s so unheard of! You should take a picture of that huge brocolli and document such absurdity on your blog ma!!! ^^;;;;;

  6. I already put up the pic of that broccoli la, it is the second row from the bottom on the right. Of course my friend had to pay the exact same price! That’s why we were so shocked. We phoned to book in advance and mentioned about my friend not eating red meat, so the chef could have said he can’t prepare separately for her, then we would have gone somewhere else. There is no excuse for this seriously. My other friend was taking pictures of the food too but she was so fed up that she gave up halfway.

  7. You mean complain to the chef himself?? No la, a bit awkward ma?? There were other customers present too. My friend does consider writing “honest” comments on Open Rice(that restaurant review page).

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