La Piazzetta@Central

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VEGETARIANA – tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, eggplants, mushrooms, olives, capers and mozzarella cheese.
TORTELLINI AL BURRO E TARTUFO – Flown in fresh spinach and ricotta cheese tortellini with butter and white truffle sauce.
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RISOTTO AL PORCINO – Italian Arborio long-grain rice served with wild Porcini mushrooms.
SPAGHETTI AI RICCI DI MARE – Spaghetti with sea urchin sauce.

1230 039.jpg3人で(飲み物は別)、7000円ぐらい。
La Piazzetta Italian Wine & Pasta Bar, 5 Tsun Wing Lane, Central, HK. Reservations: 25229505. Fax: 28450169.

4 thoughts on “La Piazzetta@Central

  1. Is this your New Year’s eve big dinner? It’s like family style where three of you guys share all the big dishes? Oh so nice the chef is captured on your pictures too! haha! The pizza seem a bit…plain… The risotto and sea urchin Spaghetti both looked very good (haha and I thought Sea urchin spaghetti was a Japanese pasta invention ^^;;) Gosh the dumplings looked like if you have one and you’d be full already, really dunno how you guys manage to eat them ^^;;

  2. Oh no, not NY dinner, just the usual pigging out. It is a small Italian restaurant in Mid-level(半山), and the dishes are not THAT big, but yeah big enough to share. We were pretty full by the end of all that, cos the tortellini was quite heavy and strong-tasting. I came to this restaurant last year with the same friends and we tried the Sea urchin spaghetti and it was very nice, so we wanted to order again this time, but the chef said that he had taken it out from the menu because the sea urchin is too expensive and he can’t raise the price of the dish anymore so he doesn’t earn $$ as a result. But he was so nice and made an exception this time since he happened to have some sea urchin in stock. Apparently he went to Sicily to get the recipe of this dish but the chef there would never reveal to him, then he brought 2 HK girls there and as he expected he got the recipe immediately! ^^;;;;

  3. Haha funny, it’s like using “color” to obtain secret scroll or something… The location sound so nice, like a little hidden treasure, serving the Mid-level (that’s how you called 半山? ^^;;) community. Really if the chef raise $$ for sea urchin spaghetti (if it’s really really good) won’t you order it anyway right? ^^;;

  4. You have been to Mid-level before, right? You know the escalator(not peak tram) that takes you up the mountain(not all the way of course)? Should have taken the picture outside the restaurant and the escalator! Yeah, I told the chef I would pay HK$300 for that dish and he just laughed. ^^;;;

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