GOGO Cafe@Caroline Hill Road, Causeway bay

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ライチオレンジスムージー。Lychee and orange smoothie.
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クレームビュレー。Creme Brulee.
チーズケーキとチョコケーキ。Cheesecake and chocolate cake.

0115 111.jpgサーモンとアボカドのパスタ。Salmon and avocado pasta.

4 thoughts on “GOGO Cafe@Caroline Hill Road, Causeway bay

  1. I really want to try the Lychee and orange smoothie! Sound so yummy! BTW Lychee is one of my most favorite fruits!

  2. Sounds like a prank….^^;;;

    Yeah I like Lychee a lot too! Too bad it is not Lychee season now~~~~

    The avocado is good to look but a bit hard and dry to eat~~~

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