Jai Thai Palace (ジャイタイパレス)

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ゲン パア(牛肉と野菜の激辛煮込み)。「タイで最も辛い料理」だそう。
Very hot beef and vegetables stew – not really THAT hot but nice.
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プラーラッ プリック(マナガツオの唐揚げ・辛口ソースかけ)。Fried white pomfret with chillies sauce.
パッ パック ブン(空心菜のタイ味噌入りかき油炒め)。
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カノム トゥイ(温かいココナッツと精米もちを2層にした器入り蒸し物)。Steamed coconut and rice mochi.
カノム モァ ゲン(温かいタイ風タロイモカスタード)。Taro coconut custard.
二人で7500円ぐらい。 Dessert is good.
ジャイタイパレス(Jai Thai Palace)

5 thoughts on “Jai Thai Palace (ジャイタイパレス)

  1. Is this with Tomoko? The Veggie looks totally chinese. The coconut rice sound yummy!

  2. Yeah I went with Tomoko. We saw Supersize me, which only started showing from January here, yet only one cinema in the whole of Tokyo is showing it…but the cinema was full so we had to queue. The film was fun! But its quality is nowhere near 911 lor, he couldn’t get that much extra info/footage/interview with the evil side(fast food company) or even interview with the victims(obese people), it was mainly his own experience of eating fastfood nonstop for a month, and getting all these figures showing the decline of his health, which is not scary enough for me. ^^;;;; But it was fun nonetheless. The surgery footage was disturbing~~~~

  3. Previous entry close already? Just wanna say the Oyster risotto looked heavenly X0~~~ Yeah it’ll be much greater if Supersize me can investigate and expose the slaughterhouse and horrid meat source, how processed the food are…etc. Like visualize the book “Fast Food Nation.” Though some people I know not only didn’t feel turn off, they craved fries more after watching it ^^;;

  4. Maybe the supersize me guy doesn’t have so many “connections” to obtain more footage? Tomoko felt ill and didn’t want to eat dinner after seeing it, haha.

    Yeah, this restaurant is quite expensive…the area is kinda posh, but I guess Asian food is not cheap in Japan generally. I now realise how cheap the food in HK really is!! I can easily get the same or better food for less than half the price in HK!! And the vegetable will have more “wok-gas” there too. ^^;;;;

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